CRSI Robotics

CRSI Robotics.

We specialise in robotic cells and have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of these systems.

Our experience in robotics enables us to approach systems in a logical manner and our team has a wealth of experience in robotic

applications and integration into existing process and development of new applications as System Integrator or working in partnership with

main contractors.  Systems are developed with the clients main objectives in mind to achieve maximum efficiency and justification without affecting

equipment quality and durability to ensure that the systems are built and operate within capacity.

We have designed and manufactured Robot cells for Sack handling, Bag opening, Bag filling, Bag palletising, Pallet de stacking.

We also design and manufacture conveyors and automation, which are used in the robot cells.

We can supply new or used robots and design the cell to suit your application.